progress and goals

Even though this a blog about weight loss, I'm still too big of a baby to post my actual weight. Silly, I know. So I'm going to do this the "pounds lost" way.

My goal, starting January 1st, 2012, was to lose 76 pounds by January 1st, 2013.

My ultimate goal is to lose 96 pounds total, but we'll see how I feel after 76 pounds.

I track my weight on SparkPeople, and although I weigh myself every day, I generally don't record the weight unless it's a new low. So rather than writing every single weight I've tracked, I'll just try to do it in increments...Wanted to do every 2 weeks, but I didn't always weigh in on that exact day, so I'm just doing the closest dates, if that makes sense.

January 1st, 2012: Starting weight
January 15th, 2012: lost 7 lbs total
February 4th, 2012: lost 11 lbs total (Ten pounds gone)
February 20th, 2012: lost 12.2 lbs total
March 13th, 2012: lost 14 lbs total
March 30th, 2012: lost 18 lbs total (Fifteen pounds gone)
April 8th, 2012: lost 21.4 lbs total  (Twenty pounds gone)
April 23rd, 2012: lost 18.8 lbs total (gain)
April 25th, 2012: lost 22.8 lbs total
May 6th, 2012: lost 22.4 lbs total (gain)
May 13th, 2012: lost 23.6 lbs total
June 9th, 2012: lost 27.4 lbs total (Twenty-five pounds gone)
June 17th, 2012: lost 29 lbs total
July 4th, 2012: lost 30 lbs total (Thirty pounds gone)
July 8th, 2012: lost 30.8 lbs total
July 31st, 2012: Lost 32.6 lbs total
August 8th, 2012: Lost 34 lbs total
August 18th, 2012: Lost 34.8 lbs total
August 25th, 2012: Lost 35.2 lbs total (Thirty-five pounds gone)
September 10th, 2012: Lost 38.4 lbs total
September 30th, 2012: Lost 39.4 lbs total

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