Saturday, February 25, 2012

Start of week 9

It's been another up-and-down week. Mostly I didn't do horribly. I felt exhausted and pretty awful in the middle of the week, and I ended up skipping my workout two days in a row. Luckily, I made up one of the workouts on Friday when i was planning on having a rest day. 

I did have one day where I went way over my calories, but was within range every other day, so…

Weight-wise I'm not sure. I think I'm at a little bit of a standstill. Sort of just doing that fluctuating thing I did last week. It's that time of the month though and I feel bloated sooo I'm hoping I'm weighing in heavier than I normally would be. In total I've lost 13.2 lbs since the beginning of 2012. My lowest weight this year would mean that I've lost 15 lbs, and i weighed in at that weight yesterday, so… we'll see. YES, I said in my last entry that I needed to hide the scale, but … whatever.

I got a couple new workouts from Amazon for my Wii and I'm really sad to say that I really hate both of them. I'm going to try again, but egh. I got a Zumba workout that comes with a belt you wear to put the Wii remote in. Seriously, the screen is ridiculous… it's basically a silhouette you have to follow, and it flashes all these neon colors… it's pretty irritating. The other thing is they have all these "tutorials" where you can learn the Zumba steps, and because I'm so uncoordinated I started there first. Maybe someone more familiar with dance or someone coordinated would be able to figure it out, but it's not even a tutorial. It goes super fast and the Wii remote doesn't measure your moves accurately in the belt, so it kept thinking I was doing the moves correctly when really I was just flailing around. I also got a "Just Dance" workout. This one you just hold the remote in your hand, but it STILL doesn't register when I actually do it. So… pretty aggravating. Lastly, my friend gave me her Wii Active because she wasn't using it, but again, just not working. I guess a lot of this has to do with the Wii. The Wii Active has a band you put around your upper leg. And again, just not registering right. I try to do squats and it won't let me because it already thinks I'm squatting too low even when I'm standing.
So maybe I should blame the Wii instead of the games themselves. I did replace the batteries in my remote and they're full, so not sure what the issue is.

I do still love my Gold's Gym Cardio Workout though! That's what I ended up doing today after failing at the other workouts. USUALLY registers my moves. I just think that the WIi is better suited for workouts that have you hold the remote in your hand rather than trying to put it in a pocket or on a strap of some kind.

Tomorrow I think I'm taking a rest day from working out since I'll be pretty busy. I'm going to go see Fiddler on The Roof - I bought tickets for my dad's birthday. We're also going out to dinner at Abuelo's. I'm trying to find something on the menu that might be healthy-ish, but I'm going to be careful the rest of the day. I will probably get the grilled chicken fajita salad and go light on the cheese and guac. 

Oh, I got a couple great new cookbooks! I finished browsing Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Light and put a bunch of the recipes into my MacGourmet. I'm still at the beginning of America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook and I think it's going to be great. On that note, here's my menu plan for the week:

Vegetable Meat(less) Loaf

Dinner @ Abuelo's (probably grilled chicken salad)

Portobello mushroom burgers with peaches and sweet potato fries

Thai chicken and noodle salad

"Steakhouse side" mac and cheese with broccoli 


Jimmy John's vegetarian sub

Every single recipe I'm making this week is a new one! I usually don't do that, but I'm feeling adventurous. My friend and I made the vegetable meat loaf tonight. It's a Cooking Light recipe. Not bad, but really not worth the time it took to make it (there are a LOT of steps.) I liked the idea, though - most vegetarian meatloafs have something other than veggies as the meat replacement (like lentils, or tofu) but this is made mostly of vegetables. The "meatiness" comes from two pounds of cremini mushrooms. Those were pricy! I felt there were too many walnuts. But anyway. I digress.

Going to start a fire and have some tea!

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