Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week... something? I'm in Florida!

I said I'd update on January 31st, but I never got around to it. I was busy prepping for vacation and then I got sick. I actually left work 15 minutes early on my last day before vacation because I was throwing up. Ick. 

I've been in Florida since Friday and it's been pretty nice. The weather hasn't been great - the first day we luckily had a lot of sun, but it's been cloudy ever since. I've still managed to get sunburned since I am really, really pale (and incapable of tanning - literally.) Also, there is some family drama. But anything is better than work!

 I have been pretty good health-wise, though. Since I've been here I've racked up 200 minutes of exercise, and burned lots of calories. I've also been eating very healthfully, lots of greens and fruits and veggies. Actually, I'm eating almost entirely vegetarian since my sister is vegetarian and we've been making our meals together. The only thing was that I did drink quite a bit so far on the first three days, but I decided yesterday to cut that out for the rest of the vacation. It's hard because my sister drinks every night, and I do want to give myself a break because I'm on vacation, but to fully enjoy the vacation I think I need to have a lot of energy and get up early. 

I did have one splurge when we went out to eat (we went grocery shopping so have been cooking all our own food for the most part.) I got blackened chicken tacos, and they were DELICIOUS. I think it was worth it, and I didn't feel weighed down or disgusting after I ate them, so I count it as a positive. They were served pretty harmlessly, actually - sour cream on the side (I only had a little tiny bit) and a fruity salsa. I definitely scarfed down the beans and rice they came with, though. I'm still pretty sure I stayed within my calories that day, though (had to estimate the tacos based on other restaurants' dishes) and that was also the day that I'd burned 700-something calories walking on the beach so I'm not viewing it as a bad thing.

So far my main form of exercise has been walking on the beach. My sister and I did about 3.6 miles today (it took us an hour and 25 minutes!) and according to my heart rate monitor, I burned 830 calories. Yikes! Trekking through that sand barefoot is a challenge. Best form of exercise if I've ever seen it… nothing really beats walking on the beach. I've also been swimming a little, but I'm staying at my grandma's condo and it's basically a retirement community so there are lots of people at the pool all the time and very little room to do real swimming. I LOVE to swim, it's too bad I'm so self-conscious in my bathing suit. 

I think I've lost weight. I feel lighter and my clothes fit better. I don't have the scale I normally use, though, so I'm not going to weigh in until I get back. My grandma's scale is very forgiving. Anyway, I know it's not about the weight or the scale, but it's always nice to have numbers.

I'll be updating when I get back to freezing Wisconsin... I'll need to make a menu plan and go shopping. I'll definitely be sad  - it's so odd never having once been cold at all since I got here! 


  1. Walking on the beach sounds like a great way to burn calories! Just use lots of sunscreen, don't let your skin burn. Sounds like you are doing a fab job of making healthy choices even on vacation!

  2. Having grown up in Wisconsin, I know what you are heading back too! UGH! I hate the cold!