Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week 16

I did terribly this past week. Like, worse than I have ever done. It showed, too. I'm now up four pounds from my lowest weight that I hit... sometime last week. I expected I'd gain no matter how good I was since I'd been sick and probably lost a lot of water weight, but four pounds is more than I expected.

I was consistent with my exercise, got in 220 minutes or so for the week, but only because I ended up hiking for an hour and a half at Devil's Lake yesterday; otherwise, I wouldn't have even reached my 150 minute goal. The hike felt good though, I'd had a really bad headache on Friday and felt nauseous, and I think getting some fresh air helped. I burned almost 700 calories so that's nice.

I was feeling pretty crappy all week and there were two days when I don't even want to KNOW how many calories I ate... I really went crazy though on Friday and I really felt terrible about it all weekend.

But back on track as of yesterday. And today is the start of a new week. Here's my menu plan. I'm not posting my exercise plan because I wrote it down on my board at home but I'm not home right now, so... I can't remember! After I finish this blog I'm gonna go for a walk/run, but I'm a little nervous because we're supposed to get really nasty storms. My normal route is 3.6 miles or so, but it gets me pretty far from my house, so I don't want to get caught in the rain... I'll just have to maybe stay close this time and go a different way.

Apple Maple Bacon Turkey Burgers with tomato, lettuce, and red onion on a whole-wheat bun

Whole wheat BBQ chicken pizza with bell pepper and onion

Blackened chicken salad with avocado

Portobello mushroom sandwiches

Glazed tofu with brown rice and broccoli

Going out w/ coworkers to the Echo I believe, probably not for too long, but I'll either eat there or have leftovers when I get home

Jimmy John's vegetarian sub

I found this cute idea for Smoothie Packs on Pinterest, and I've decided to make myself a green smoothie for breakfast in the mornings and then bring some sort of protein snack to work to eat mid-morning. I'm just going to try it for a few days this week (I really only have enough ingredients to make 3 or 4 smoothies) and see if it tides me over. I try to eat my veggies but I really don't get enough greens, and I don't think I get a whole lot of vitamin B, so I figured this would be easy. I made one this morning, and with four cups of spinach in it, it was slightly taste-able, but mostly overpowered with fruit. I just used Trader Joe's cherry/berry frozen fruit blend, some 100% juice, and the spinach (my bananas weren't ripe enough, but I do love the consistency that they lend to smoothies so I am going to freeze some when ripe.) I'd love to try it with some kale or other greens too. I then had some sunflower seeds later on in the morning and it did tide me over until I had lunch, so not too bad. I think tonight I will portion out servings of fruit into the plastic baggies as suggested and maybe even some bags of spinach to keep in the fridge so I have everything ready to go in the mornings. I'm not there now because my landlord is there installing a new garbage disposal (mine broke about a month ago) and I'm socially awkward beyond all reason.

Oh, creativity-wise, I have been doing a little better. Been writing a lot in my book and today I made it out to the craft store for some more canvas and paint, and a shadow box project I'm going to try to do. I have a couple ideas...

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