Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 18

I don't have a whole lot to say about week 17. I met most of my goals, or at least came very close!
I didn't get my 175 minutes in - but I got 168. I figure that is close enough. I meant to go for a run yesterday to get up to 213 minutes, but I ended up feeling exhausted, up too late on Friday night. And I went over my calories Friday. I also spent a lot of the day shopping, because I needed a new bedspread and I wasted a LOT of time at Target.

I'm sort of disappointed in myself for how I did on Friday because it was a pretty bad night for me health-wise, and it showed. I'm four pounds higher than I was mid-week, but I'm blaming this on having my period and probably some sodium bloat. Just gotta keep going. I just am kind of losing the same five pounds and re-gaining them and I know WHY... it's not a naturally-caused plateau, it's the way I'm spending my Friday nights.

Starting week 18 right with a morning at the grocery store and a green smoothie. I made it with almond milk this time and I have to say, it was really awful. Haha. I chugged it down, but I think I'll need to stick with the fruit juice I've been using to help make it taste less "green" and add more sweetness. I could add honey, I suppose, but it just tasted bland and chalky. I also left out the half-banana that I usually put in, so that could've affected the taste. I think tonight I'm going to make up some new smoothie packs with the frozen fruit I just bought.

I'm a little anxious in general. Partly it is caused by this all-staff "training" tomorrow that the directors threw together and I've been asked to speak. I'm not going to go into much detail about the massive drama that has been going on at work for the past few months. As I've mentioned I've liked the changes in my particular job, but the agency as a whole is sort of in a weird place, to say the least. Anyway, I've been asked to speak about this sort of "committee" I've been on since last August (forced onto, really) and I don't actually have ANYTHING positive to say about my experience on said committee. I haven't prepared anything to say and there are a couple other people on the committee who also don't really want to speak. A handful of the people on the committee either didn't attend most of the meetings or have quit. We weren't really asked to prep anything, but I really despise public speaking, especially on a topic that I don't want to be forced to put a positive spin on. I'm not sure exactly what they want from us but ... whatever.

Hmm... really had to push myself to do my workout today. I almost didn't do it at all. Glad I did, of course, but it was tough. I'm still having problems with my right foot.

Creativity wise I haven't been super great. I haven't been writing in my book much. I'm sort of having these ideas for my bedroom... It's really really tiny, literally only wide enough to fit my bed and a lamp next to the bed (it's technically a studio apartment, but the owner of my condo installed a partial wall for privacy). I'm thinking of taking the bed out entirely (I really hate this bed...), having the mattress on the floor, and making a sort of "pillow room" surrounding the mattress with comfy decorative throw pillows and even creating some kind of canopy or tent of some kind... who knows. I'm trying to sort of figure out because there's a lot of stuff UNDER my bed and I need the storage space since my apartment is so tiny, so I'm trying to maybe downsize some of my stuff... at any rate, I got a new bedspread because all the batting inside of it got all torn apart and bunchy, but I loved that bedspread so I cut it open and stretched the fabric over some canvas. One I've hung over the couch in my living room and I think I'm going to create another for the bedroom. I want to also hang some paper lanterns in the bedroom/pillow room.That's about as creative as I've gotten so far. The bedroom is really the only part of my condo that I haven't ever gotten "right" -- I love what I've done with the living room and kitchen but the bedroom has always been ugly to me (part of it is this ugly brown shag carpeting that I can't take out, which is why I'd love to cover it with pillows... I could get a giant area rug, I guess...)

Here's my menu plan/workout plan for the week.

Blackened tilapia fish tacos with avocado and onion
Workout: Step aerobics (63 minutes)

Burger made with 96% lean ground beef, light swiss, tomato, and onion on a sprouted bun and sweet potato fries
Workout: Rest day

Thai-style stir-fried tofu with veggies
Workout: Cardio kickbox (25 minutes)

Veggie and rice burritos
Workout: Gold's Gym cardio workout (40 mins)

Workout: Spark Cardio Blast (30 minutes)

Jimmy John's veg sub
Workout: Rest day

Something frozen or leftovers
Walk/run: 55 minutes

Total minutes: 213

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