Monday, November 12, 2012

November 11th

Hey there.

I guess Monday seems to be my new updating day, doesn't it? This weekend was sort of an odd one for me and I ended up sort of running out of time and then being too lazy to update.

My week was all right. I actually did finally hit that 40 lbs lost mark on Tuesday. Sadly, today, I am up 1.6 lbs from that mark. I can't wait until I really maintain it. I'm pretty sure the culprit was my going out to dinner on Friday night and not being careful enough... I ate quite a bit.

I managed something like 310 fitness minutes, but only because quite a lot of that (over an hour) was meditative yoga. I probably shouldn't have really counted that. Some yoga is truly quite difficult; the video I was using was definitely not. It was nice though, and pretty relaxing, but was pretty much just stretching and not a whole lot of balance/core/strength work.

Mentally I haven't been doing great. Not sure if it's weather-related or what, but I've been really anxious for about a week or so now. I kind of feel like I'm bouncing off the walls with nervous energy. Which I supposed is better than being nervous with no energy, right? I've had a lot of decisions to make lately and it's exhausting.

I keep trying to be self-motivating and get myself pumped up, but it's so hard when I'm in such a plateau. And again, I know I could break through this plateau if I were just being more careful, and didn't keep having the one or two "bad days" I have each week. It's been harder lately knowing that the holidays are coming up and all that.

Here's my menu plan for the week.

Garlic chicken and chipotle tacos
Simply Endurance, 54 minutes (this is a video I've had for a while and never completed. I don't know how I feel about it. Not great, since I hate strength training!)

Rest day

Crunchy chicken salad with celery, grapes, and apples
Frontside, 43 minutes

Sweet Potato Skins with broccoli
Backside, 53 minutes

Creamy Orzo and Mushroom Pasta
 Cardio Blast, 35 minutes

Rest day

Decide next week
Step Aerobics, 63 minutes

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