Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22nd

Um… I don't even want to talk about the past week. I did terribly which was really disappointing after having such a good first two weeks of the month here. I wrote in my locked journal about this crap already, so I'm just gonna move on here. I'm doing better today, was pretty productive, and did my step aerobics, but my anxiety is through the roof. I did get some medication when I went to the doctor last week, but it's going to take a month before I'd see any difference.

I managed to not gain any weight but I'm guessing it's partly because I'm dehydrated.

Here's my menu plan/exercise plan for the week. Here's hoping it's a better one.

No-bake summer lasagna with tomatoes, ricotta, basil, and zucchini
Step aerobics, 63 mins

Stir-fried chicken and green beans with spicy orange sauce
Rest Day

Artichoke, spinach, and goat-cheese stuffed mushrooms
Spark Cardio Blast, 35 mins

Leftovers or something elsewhere
Rest Day

Spicy baked falafel, in pitas with tomato and greek yogurt
Cardio Kickbox, 25 mins

Pinto Bean Nachos with tomatoes and avocado
Frontside, 40 mins

Not sure - will decide next week 
Backside, 50 mins

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