Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week of July 8th

What a difference a week makes… I feel like a totally different person. 

Two weeks ago I felt terrible, achy, nauseous, headachy. I wasn't sleeping right. I was depressed and anxious, and mostly just plain irritable. I know I can blame at least half of this on PMS, which I get pretty strongly (and never really knew until I started tracking my horrible moods.) 

This whole week, particularly this weekend, I have felt fantastic. Better than I've felt in a LONG time. I'm sleeping like a baby. I feel positive. I worked out five days this week, for a total of 222 fitness minutes. I ate very well. I didn't stay within my calories every day, but I listened to my body and ate when I was actually seriously hungry, and when I did go over my calorie allotment, it was only by about 50-100 calories. No binges. No alcohol. (Which is why I haven't any binges, I guess. I have such good self control when booze isn't involved!) When I went grocery shopping yesterday, I realized that I'd eaten every bit of produce that I'd purchased last week. 

Today my step aerobics workout just felt fantastic. I almost didn't do it because I was really sore from yesterday's circuit training workout and it's such a time suck (an hour) but I did it anyway and I'm so glad I did. It wasn't even that hard, but I burned 590 calories doing it. So worth it… it always is.

Haven't done a whole lot creativity-wise but I did have a fantastic night last night just working on my book. It cooled down considerably and I hadn't been outside for so long because of the heat wave, so I took my laptop out to the patio and listened to my headphones and wrote. It was really nice.

I'm excited to cook dinner tonight, I'm making a really simple pizza with whole-wheat dough, pesto, tomatoes, and fresh basil from my herb garden. I will probably roast some broccoli to go with it because I bought the pre-cut kind and that doesn't last very long.

Today I am 2.5 pounds lighter than I was last Sunday. For a total of 30.8 lbs lost so far. Here's my menu/exercise plan for this week. It's good to be back.

White pizza with tomato and basil
Step aerobics, 63 mins

Veggie and Rice Burritos 
Cardio kickbox, 25 mins (morning workout)

Cardio Blast, 35 minutes

Jimmy John’s vegetarian sub
Rest day

Thai Crunch Wrap with Chicken and Peanut Sauce
Gold’s Gym boxing, 40 minutes

Teriyaki Tofu and Pineapple kebabs
Rest day

Cashew Chicken and bell peppers
Frontside circuit training, 43 minutes

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