Wednesday, March 14, 2012

no real damage

Day 4 of my 21-day challenge and I feel pretty fantastic. Have stuck very well to my exercise/food/no alcohol plan.

First of all, I managed to lose the little weight that I'd gained while housesitting, so I'm now at my lowest weight of the year with 15.4 lbs gone. SparkPeople gave me a handy little graph that charts my progress line with a goal line, and I'm about six pounds heavier than my goal line right now. I'm a-okay with that, though. I would've hoped that I would have lost more than 15.4 pounds in two and a half months, but hey, give all my fuckups I'm grateful!

I cannot get enough of this weather! It gives me so much more energy. We're having near record highs and sunshine and it's gorgeous. Supposed to storm on Friday and Saturday but next week is looking pretty great too.

Daylight Savings Time has also helped me out quite a bit. Being able to leave work and still have a couple hours of sun is amazing. It makes me feel like I have a life outside of work. As much as I hated losing a weekend hour, I'm definitely all right with it.

Today was a rest day for me exercise-wise and it actually almost bummed me out! I found myself dancing around my kitchen a little while I heated up dinner. Since it was the nicest day out we've had all year, I felt obligated to go outside, but I really wanted to get started on some spring cleaning so I just opened my patio doors and my windows and enjoyed the sun and breeze. I'm scheduled to do a Wii workout tomorrow night (Gold's Gym cardio boxing) which is actually one of my more fun and cathartic workouts, but if it's nice out I might go for a walk/jog instead. I really have to keep that up if I want to get anywhere with it, which I do. I would LOVE to run a 5K someday. I don't think it would be super far off, the route I do now for my walk/jog is longer than 5K, it's just that I walk more than I run. If the route were flat and not hilly I think I could totally run a 5K.

A while back I did make myself a Couch-to-5K type podcast (I found a site where you can download an audio track that interrupts your music when it's time to walk and run, which you can use a program to lay over an MP3) but, I don't know, it just wasn't doing it for me. Maybe I'll try again.

One thing I'd like to work on is being creative. I'm hoping to get to the craft store this weekend and maybe get some more canvas. I want to make some stuff for my office at work. But mostly, I wish I could work on my stupid book! I've been writing it a couple years now and I'm just stuck and have been for a long time. The thought of even opening it makes me tired.

I think I'll go to bed early tonight...

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