Sunday, March 25, 2012

Start of week... 13?

I had a great weekend! One of the best I've had in a while. Partly due to the fact that it was a 3-day weekend and that I had a couple friends in town, but it just felt so good to be happy. Friday I got to go see my favorite artist of all time, Dar Williams. I went with my mom, as we're both huge fans. I've liked her since I was a little kid. We actually ran into her on the street before the show and chatted briefly. I've met her before, but i was still shaking afterwards. 

I also got to see the Hunger Games on Friday during the day when the theaters weren't crazy. (I'll admit it, I love those books. Well, the first one anyway.)  

Yesterday I got to hang out with some friends I haven't seen in a while, and today we went to Devil's Lake and had a picnic (my homemade rosemary chicken salad from Cooking Light, with baguette and carrots and greens and eggplant garlic spread, mmm)  and did a ton of hiking. We meant to go on a a short-ish hike that is fairly challenging but do-able. We ended up getting lost on the way down, however… which meant that our shortish hike turned into a 2.5 hour hike. We got SO lost! I have no idea how many miles we ended up going, but I burned over 1,100 calories according to my heart rate monitor. Crazy! 

Also in a good mood because I weighed in at my lowest weight today for a total of 17.4 total pounds lost. I'm glad those two bad days didn't catch up to me. 

I also got the news that a couple of my friends from Minneapolis are going to come visit me over Memorial Day, and I'm really excited for that even though it's two months away. One of them has visited me here in Madison before but the other hasn't, so I'm excited to see them. I might take them to Devil's Lake to go hiking, we'll see.

I am still having a little trouble with my achilles tendons and whatever is wrong with my left ankle, and I anticipate being fairly sore tomorrow after all that uphill hiking. Some of it was REALLY tough - like climbing up rocks tough. I think it's mostly high-impact stuff like jumping jacks and jump rope that are hurting me. We'll see.

I ended up going over my calories by a couple hundred today, but I'm totally okay with it because I was legitimately hungry - all that hiking made me starving and tired!

I'm pretty exhausted so I'm just going to post my menu/exercise plan. I'm switching back to doing Sundays as the start of the week rather than Saturdays, because that's the way SparkPeople does it and it's easier to keep track of my weekly minutes.  Plus it just makes more sense to start on Sundays.

Blackened Tilapia Baja Tacos (Linked the recipe because it's delicious. I'm not a big fan of fish, except in sushi, but I love these tacos!)
Exercise: Hiking (150 minutes)

Barbecued tofu sandwiches with bell peppers and onions (I normally make these with tempeh but the store didn't have any)
Exercise: Cardio blast, 40 minutes (I may skip this since I already reached my minutes goal for the week, but if I'm not too sore, I'm going to do it)

Exercise: Rest day (if I skip Monday's workout due to soreness, I'll do it Tuesday - I'm eager to try out that new DVD)!

Baked potato with broccoli
Exercise: walk/jog, 40 minutes (the one day this week it's supposed to be nice out!)

Pinto Bean Nachos - one of my old staples. I add bell peppers while cooking, and top with tomatoes and avocado.
Exercise: Carido kickbox, 25 mins (if my feet are feeling better by then… this is the workout I first started having major problems with)

Jimmy John's vegetarian sub
Exercise: rest day (I'll be with my dad)

Orange-chipotle glazed tofu with brown rice and whatever veggies I have leftover
Exercise: Step aerobics, 63 minutes

All the recipes I'm making this week are quick and simple. Sometimes I get in moods where I just want to try new things, some complicated, but with the warm weather I just don't have the patience to mess around in the kitchen for too long, plus I don't really feel like eating anything super heavy. So some stuff (the fish tacos, the pinto bean nachos, baked potato) are just my staple meals I go to when I don't feel like doing a whole lot. 

Back to work tomorrow and I'm bummed. Mondays are a good day for me though, which is really nice. I get to sit in my office and not deal with clients (except for on the phone, but even then, not a whole lot) and catch up on all the work I didn't get to the prior week. It makes getting back into the swing of things a little easier.

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