Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wow, this is ridiculous.

The universe does not want me to exercise. SO FRUSTRATED!

My ankles were finally starting to feel better. Weren't great on Monday, the day after the long hike, but I had a rest day Tuesday and figured I'd be fine to work out on Wednesday as planned. 

Now, I am sick. UGH! Cold, flu, sore throat, something along those lines. I've missed the last two days of work. Yesterday I thought I would be ok, after some Dayquil and coffee and ibuprofen, but I woke up this morning and I feel like death. I was really congested yesterday, now I've got a throat on fire. A couple of my coworkers have something similar.

I've been lying on my couch for the last couple days, when I'm not sleeping (which has been a LOT… mostly because I keep waking up and having a restless sleep.) I've watched… 12 or 13 episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix instant today.

I am BORED and annoyed. Sure, lounging around the house is more fun than work any day, even while ill, but missing work makes me really anxious (and apparently there's some huge drama I've missed) and I hate using my earned time this way. 

The only upside is that I also haven't had much of an appetite, so I've been going under my calories. Probably a good thing since I'm practically not moving at all today. Yesterday when I was feeling better-ish I went to Target (to get more Dayquil) and ended up there for about an hour and felt okay. (I had to get a friend a birthday present too.) I thought I'd get off easy, but no such luck. I'm hoping to feel better enough tomorrow to go to work, at least, even if I don't have the chance to work out (which I won't, actually, because I have to go hang out with my dad's after work, if I feel well enough.) 

It's a good thing I got my minimum of 150 fitness minutes in all on Sunday, that's for sure. But, ugh. I just get so discouraged when I can't work out, it depresses me. My apartment also desperately needs to be cleaned, especially because my landlord is coming this weekend to try to fix some stuff (I somehow managed to lock this closet door in my apartment that nobody has a key to, and he's been trying to get it open for a month now!) 

I'm hoping all of this won't hurt my weight loss efforts, but hey, shit happens. I just wish that it was briefer… between this and my achilles tendons it's made every workout either impossible or painful. Sigh.

Sorry, just needed to whine. 

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