Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12

I'm sad to say the second half of my week wasn't as productive or healthy as I'd wanted. I've gained two pounds since my mid-week entry, making my grand total lost 32 lbs instead of 34. I'm pretty disappointed in myself, because it's all stuff I could have prevented.

I only eked out 187 fitness minutes this week, and while that does meet my minimum of 175 that I like to reach each week, I had planned on doing a LOT more, since I had the entire week off. I did drink one night, fairly heavily, with a friend of mine, and while I had a ton of fun with her, I have felt kind of awful ever since. I skipped a workout because I was hungover and spent an entire vacation day just watching TV on my couch, which made me feel really guilty. It also rained for two days. And what I SHOULD have done was nixed my original workout plan (which would have been on a muddy, messy trail) and instead done a rainy jog on the concrete (which I actually love doing, my fastest runs are always in the rain!) OR just done an indoor workout. Instead, I didn't.

I then had some crappy stuff happen involving a different friend of mine and my anxiety has been incredibly high ever since. I've had a lot of trouble sleeping, moreso than usual.

After feeling so crappy about drinking I decided to commit to another 21-day challenge of no alcohol at all, not even cooking with it. That'll take me through the end of August. I think it really screws with my emotions, as well as being generally a toxic substance. I kind of picked a funny time to do it, because on Friday I ended up going to a brewery with my dad, and they make my favorite beer in the world, and I didn't even have a taste of it. Then yesterday was a family reunion, and every other single person (aside from my mom, and my younger cousin, who is 17) was downing beer after beer or glass of wine after glass of wine. I was there for nearly 8 hours, and at some points was bored out of my wits (some of my older relatives are hardcore bigots and it brews up a lot of anger in me) and at one point I actually literally reached my hand into the cooler to get a beer, but then got a diet Coke instead. Still not a healthy option by any means, but that would've been a really pathetic end to a 21-day challenge.

The family reunion was a bit of a disaster diet-wise which is why I think the two pounds I gained are probably here to stay for a bit. Usually I am really good in these situations and I stick to the fruit and veg tray with very minimal dip and some healthy sides, but I went all-out and got a burger from the grill. I also indulged in my favorite potato salad from Jacobson's. Tortilla chips and guac, too. I still ate less than I would have a year ago, and still had a lot of veg, but I didn't even try to track it because I knew it would be a disaster.

Back to it today, though. Made it to the grocery store and did my step aerobics workout. Things always look better after that workout. I burned 584 calories doing it today. I keep thinking that workout will gradually get easy, but it never does. Nothing else I do burns that many calories except running.

I'd like to keep a more positive outlook, so I will say this: when I read over this blog, it's generally the same story each week. I screwed up once or twice. But nearly every Sunday, I am right back up there, doing my hardest workout, eating healthily and re-committing. Sure, my re-committing doesn't always amount to a whole lot. But I've lost 32 lbs so I'm doing something right. I'm really aiming for that 35 lbs lost mark - I was only .2 pounds away from it at one point this week, so I know it's there!

Here's my plan for the week. I'm only planning four meals because I've found that I've ended up with way too many leftovers recently and I can't afford to keep doing that, financially. I think I'm going out with some coworkers on Friday so I may eat wherever we go and another day I may be getting falafel from a food cart so ... this is flexible.

Almond-crusted chicken and broccoli
(this actually ended up being sunflower-seed crusted chicken with broccoli because the grocery store I went to today didn't have the right kind of almonds - it was super delicious!)
Step Aerobics, 63 minutes

Spinach and artichoke stuffed mushrooms
Rest day

California BLT with tomato and avocado
Spark Cardio Blast, 35 mins

Rest day

Feta and Basil Turkey Burgers with snap peas
Cardio Kickbox, 25 mins

Frontside, 43 mins

Leftovers or decide next week
Backside, 53 mins

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