Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Well, a wrench has been thrown in my fitness plans, which is always irritating and makes me really unhappy and anxious.

I felt fine until Sunday night when some imaginary knife started stabbing me in the stomach, which continued throughout the night, accompanied by lovely vomiting and a hundred other terrible stomachy symptoms.

Much of yesterday was spent in a frenzy trying to find a comfortable position to lay in and self-diagnosing on WebMD which I'm sure is the medical field's biggest pain in the ass. Several symptoms pointed toward appendicitis, which of course freaked me out, so I consulted my friend who had his appendix out a few weeks ago, who asked me a bunch of questions and concluded that it may be that. I decided if it didn't get any better or if it got worse I'd go to urgent care today.

Anyway, I highly doubt it's that as I'm finally getting better, not worse. I'm only in pain when I move around. I'm guessing it's gastritis again, which can have similar symptoms. I'm just really tired.

I haven't worked out in three days, though. I'm regretting not working out on Sunday during the day when I was feeling fine.  I can walk around okay now, but jumping or running is out of the question. I made a tiny venture out of the house yesterday because my mom is out of town for a couple days and wanted me to cat-sit. It totally exhausted me, just scooping the litter box, so... I'm HOPING I will feel well enough to work out tomorrow, but I don't think I will be. Uggh.

The only positive thing to come out of the situation is that I've lost weight due to dehydration and a complete loss of appetite. I'm down 36 pounds, though I know the loss won't stick once I start eating again. I'm trying to re-introduce food and my body isn't a huge fan. Currently drinking a tiny green smoothie and a piece of toast and hoping that will make me feel slightly less weak.

It's just killing me that when I go on SparkPeople, it says my weekly fitness minutes are at zero. ZERO!

If I get the courage, I might push this issue with my doctor when I see her on Friday (for something unrelated). I told her that I frequently got sick and she really didn't see all that concerned about it. But this can't continue. I've only had this particular set of symptoms twice (and I don't remember the first time being as bad as this) but it can't be good. I just don't want to have to go through a bunch of tests because I can't afford it. I have insurance, but even a normal yearly physical (which I thought was fully covered, silly me) cost me $85 and I am really pinching pennies right now.

Well, gonna lay down again. SO FRUSTRATED!!!

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