Saturday, September 1, 2012


Well, I'm back, and feeling good.

I had a pretty crappy week. In addition to being sick and not working out ALL week, and dealing with a heavy workload after missing so much work (which luckily turned out to be totally doable, but I was stressed for a bit there), I had a lot on my mind. Things are better now. I had a weird week with eating/not eating; although I was feeling better, I still had no appetite and every single thing I could think to eat disgusted me. But I still feel like I went over my calories, but I wasn't tracking and I didn't work out at all. Yesterday was the first day that I was feeling sort of normal and today I feel a lot better.

I didn't gain a lot of weight, luckily. I'd reached the 36 lb mark when I was sick and now I'm back up to the 33.6 lbs lost mark. Disappointing, but after a week without working out, I couldn't expect too differently.

I have big plans for September. Moreso than I think I've ever had. I'm going big this month. I do so well when I stick to the plan and then I feel so good and I do something to derail it and then I feel AWFUL. So, go big or go home, I guess.

I'm upping my minimum weekly fitness minutes to 250. I want to reach 1,000 in September. If I don't feel like working out, then I think I'll go for a walk. I don't usually do low-key exercise, and I should. If I'm not working in zone 3 of my heart rate monitor, I don't even feel like it's a workout. But that means that on my rest days I don't do anything - no walking, nothing. I'm also doing more strength training; I know that you're supposed to do at least 2 sessions a week. I've been doing 2 sessions but not the same muscles so I'm doing the frontside and backside, each twice a week. I'm going to do this only for the first week to see if it's doable. I don't see why it wouldn't be.

Secondly, my cholesterol is just over the normal range. I don't eat a lot of meat, but I do eat a lot of animal products - eggs and cheese mainly. When I've been not feeling great this past week, for some reason the idea of eggs disgusted me, and I haven't been eating them for breakfast as usual. I used to have an egg every single day. I need to find alternative breakfasts.

So at the store today I got some fruit, cottage cheese, yogurt (I don't normally eat it because of the fake sugar in it and all the preservatives and crap, but I got a good greek yogurt with blueberries and no artificial sweeteners) and some good smoothie ingredients. I love making green smoothies but they don't keep me full for long because all I put in them are greens, fruit and fruit juice. I found a recipe for a blueberry breakfast smoothie and picked up some almond milk, white chia seeds and hemp protein powder. I'm excited to try it once my bananas ripen. I will probably still have an egg a couple times a week because it's a great source of protein and vitamins, but I don't need to have one every day.

Other goals for September:

-- Stay within my calorie range 6 out of 7 days each week

-- Track every bite of food - no estimating at the end of the evening

-- Zero alcohol, with the exception of two birthday celebrations I'm planning

-- Exercise 1,000 minutes in September, or an average of 250 minutes/wk. Also, on a related note, do at least 10 minutes of fitness a day (even on rest days.) This can be a quick jog around the block or a segment from a workout DVD.

-- Floss every day!

-- Do something good for my well-being each day (guided meditations online, yoga, something creative like poetry or painting, or simply watching something inspiring like slam poetry)

-- Focus more on water consumption - and get at least 64 oz/day.

I spent a lot of money at the grocery store today, but it was on good stuff that should last, so I'm pretty excited about it. I had a good long chat with my friend from out of town who is coming to visit me for the first time in a long time next weekend, and I did my step aerobics today and burned 533 calories according to my HRM. It was HARD today, I can always tell when I've gone a few days without working out because my endurance tanks. I made a delicious dinner of Thai Chicken Salad Wraps. I don't share a lot of recipes on this blog, but this one is so good and SO easy that I feel like I should. I managed to finally find some good spinach tortillas without hydrogenated oils and I love these damn things. The recipe is here.  I added chopped bell pepper too and some crunchy chow mein noodles.

Leftovers (Thai chicken salad wraps)
Hike @ Devil's Lake (or if I end up not going, a walk/jog here)

Vegan coconut curry soup
Frontside circuit training, 43 minutes

Seed-coated chicken with broccoli
Backside circuit training, 53 minutes

Spark Cardio Blast, 35 minutes

Wild rice casserole
Frontside circuit training, 43 minutes

Backside circuit training, 53 minutes

Decide next week
Step aerobics, 63 minutes

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