Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 29th

I've had so much going on this week, and I'm going to update tonight instead of tomorrow because I have a ton to do tomorrow!

I had a good week. No real screw-ups. 296 fitness minutes, and… I crossed 1,000 minutes for the month! That was my initial goal and I didn't think I'd make it, but after this week I'm up to 1,009 (and am planning on doing a 63-minute step aerobics workout tomorrow so I'll be at 1072 for the month.) 

I had trouble tracking because I get frustrated when I don't know the nutritional information for what I'm eating, but I think I did a pretty good job tracking. I mentioned in my last entry that I was having a cookout at my dad's, a birthday dinner out at a restaurant, and a fish fry at my grandma's, all in the same week - AND that I was thinking of having a small birthday party.They all went pretty well. At the cookout, I did bring my turkey burger, but I ended up leaving it with my dad because he ended up grilling chicken and vegetables, so that worked out nicely. There actually wasn't any red meat at all - he made salmon for my sister and mom, and chicken for me.  At my birthday dinner, I had a vegan tofu stew that was really delicious. It was probably pretty caloric because I'm pretty sure the broth had coconut milk in it, but it wasn't a gigantic serving and I still felt like it was a somewhat healthy choice. The next day was the fish fry, and I definitely went overboard - had a ton of salad, as planned, but probably had too much fish. But I did track as best as I could and only went a little bit over my calories that day. Last night I did have a little gathering, but my friend and I ate dinner beforehand (leftover salad from the fish fry) and I didn't drink anything. So that was nice.  At any rate, I felt good this week and I've lost all that weight I gained sooo I count it all as a win. 

Today I hiked for a little over an hour at Devil's Lake which is always nice., and despite being exhausted this week, managed to make it to the grocery store, too. Tonight I made a really fantastic recipe for Thai-style Stir-fried chicken - it's about as easy as you can get and I've been making it occasionally for years now. I always forget how much I like it. I think it was one of the first things I learned how to make, and was the first time I used curry paste. The recipe is here. There's enough sauce to add extra vegetables, too. Here's the rest of my menu/exercise plan for the week. 

Anyway, as mentioned, I'm really tied up this weekend so I'm off! 

Spinach Lasagna
Step aerobics

Cardio Kickbox

Thai chicken salad wraps
Frontside, 43 minutes

Backside, 53 minutes

Fettuccine and tofu with peanut sauce and broccoli
Spark Cardio Blast

Rest Day

Decide next week

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