Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 26th

I was doing so well. Feeling really good. I went and ruined it yesterday.

I had a great workout and was having a great day. Then I got some bad news. And, long story short, I didn't handle it well and I drank and ate a lot.

Today is a new day. And the start of a new week.

I gained 3 pounds over night after being so excited to have finally hit that 35 lbs mark. I know it won't stay, but I'm disappointed.

I'm taking a rest day today because I didn't get anything done yesterday that I wanted to get done, including going to the grocery store, which I did today.

Good thing is I did reach 250 fitness minutes last week.

Here's my menu plan and workout plan for the week.

Baked crisp chicken burritos
Rest day

Chinese Chicken Salad
Cardio Kickbox, 25 mins

Beef and broccoli
Spark Cardio Blast, 35 minutes

Step Aerobics, 63 minutes

Cali BLT
Rest Day

Salad Wrap
Frontside circuit training, 43 minutes

Decide next week
Backside circuit training, 53 minutes

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